Northeast Territory

Name: Stephanie Snyder
Recruiting Region: Northeast Territory:
Northeast Missouri (county lists below), Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, and Ohio
Phone: (573) 875-7351
Office: Missouri Hall, RM 137

About Me

  • Hometown: Columbia
  • High school attended: Home
  • Undergraduate institution: Columbia College
  • Degree/major: Bachelor of Art in Art (minors in Education and Art History)

What are some of your favorite things to do in Columbia? I love walking through the downtown district of Columbia. While doing so some of my favorite places to check out are Calhoun’s, the Candy Factory, Gaslight Gallery, Kent’s Floral Gallery & Gifts, Artlandish Art Gallery and Tallulahs. If I want to sit down and relax sometimes I’ll take a break for some ice cream at Sparky’s Homemade Ice Cream or if I want to eat my favorite places would be Bangkok Gardens, The Rome, Main Squeeze Natural Foods Café, Café Berlin, Ernie’s, Flat Brach Pup & Brewing Company and Addison’s.

Favorite outdoor activity: I really enjoy being outside, be that running, biking, hiking or whatever and Columbia has numerous parks and trails that are great for any of those activities.

People would be surprised to know that… I love going to baseball games. Anytime I travel I always try to catch a game at some point during the trip!

What advice would you give students about choosing a college? When it comes to deciding where you are going to go to college, I think it is very helpful narrow down your options and then schedule a campus visit. Wherever you chose to go to college, you want it to be somewhere that you are comfortable, at home and happy. The best way to figure that out is by visiting the campus, sometimes even more than once.

What were your favorite activities or organizations in college and why? I was a part of the Art club on campus and went on a variety of day trips with them to museums around the area and planned art sales and other events on campus. It was really great to spend that time out of the classroom with the art faculty and interact with them on a more informal atmosphere and in unique settings. I also like that Columbia is diverse and has many outside organizations or groups that you can be involved in off campus such as food banks, youth organizations and animal shelters.

What makes Columbia College different? As a graduate of Columbia College I can honestly tell you that the faculty care about you, they know who you are, what your life is like and they genuinely want you to succeed. Not only do they want that, but they are willing to help you be successful and accomplish your goals. That in my opinion is fantastic and sets Columbia College apart from other institutions.

My Region: Northeast Territory

Missouri counties: Adair, Audrain, Clark, Knox, Lewis, Lincoln, Linn, Macon, Marion, Monroe, Pike, Putnam, Ralls, Randolph, Schuyler, Scotland, Shelby, Sullivan

Other states: Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, and Ohio